1.What is Digital Cable TV?

HATHWAY BHAWANI Digital Cable TV services brings you a fantastic selection of entertainment and services with quality, choice and control.

HATHWAY BHAWANI provides its Digital Cable TV services through a Digital Set Top Box and under Conditional Access System allows the subscriber to choose their own content as per their requirement.

HATHWAY BHAWANI's Digital Cable TV services also offers:

  • Crystal clear picture quality and stereo phonic sound
  • Access to India 's most advanced Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) powered by NDS , which will guide viewers to programmes, information, and options of interest to them- without disrupting the programme you are watching
  • Over 40 digital channels with an exciting mix of all popular channels ranging from General Entertainment, Sports, News, Movies, Music and many more

Capacity to receive upto 500 digital channels through HATHWAY BHAWANI Digital Set Top Box





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2. How much will Digital Cable cost?

Monthly service charges vary depending on the type of package you order from us. Go to Packages section for details about the many options.


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4. Do I need to buy or rent new equipment to receive Digital Cable?

You will need to purchase or rent a digital Set Top Box that also comes with a remote control, smart card and a built-in multi-featured Interactive Program Guide.


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5. What if I want a digital terminal for my additional outlet?

Digital equipment for your additional outlet will only cost extra.


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6. What is the Electronic Programming Guide?

Electronic Program Guide, or EPG, will soon become one your favorite features. With the touch of a button, you can find information about any program that's on today, tomorrow or even up to a week from now. The EPG features bright, clear graphics, easy-to-use menus and information at your fingertips.

You can browse through the guide or other available programs without leaving the channel you're on. A Channel Banner displays program synopsis, running time, channel number and also option to reserve that programme that will come later. You can browse from the current channel banner to find out what's on other channels or at other times while still watching the same program. And, you can tune to a new channel directly from the channel banner if you see something you'd rather watch!

In addition, the simple on-screen guide clicks on and off at the touch of a button, giving you detailed information, such as plot summaries, actors, about any program you choose - up to 3 days in advance. The guide allows you to search for programs by theme (sports, movies, drama, children's, etc.) or title. You can browse at your own speed and never have to wait!


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7. How is Digital Cable better than other services?

Our Digital Cable service offers you sharper, brighter digital pictures and clearer, stereophonic sound, dozens more channels and an advanced Electronic Programming Guide. It also offers more than 60 free to air channels at a basic fee. In addition, we provide dependable, on-time, guaranteed customer service from our local area office or even through your neighbourhood cable operator.


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8. Can it also provide Internet services through TV?

HATHWAY BHAWANI has not introduced Internet services through it's Set Top Box, however HATHWAY BHAWANI's Digital Set Top Box is software upgradeable where many other advanced services can be uploaded without even changing the Set Top Box


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